Professional Services

Indoor / outdoor disinfection services

The service will be professionals in high-performance detergent disinfectant for cleaning. The Company uses "chlorine reduction" brake bacteria sprayers, following its advantages:

• Easy operation
Suitable for indoor and outdoor disinfection, easy to use, as long as the "Calcium chloride" into the "chlorine reduction" brake bacteria spray inside, connected to the water source can be used without special training and access electronic devices, safe to use.

• High Performance Disinfection
Thorough disinfection, bleaching agents than the average 120 times stronger performance. The use of the process, "Calcium chloride" in spray device automatically dissolved.

• Simplify the process of disinfection
No blending weight, and prevent users from blending process error, and saves cleaning time.

• Non-corrosive
General household bleach (Sodium hypochlorite) of the alkalinity is too high, causing erosion, and the "chlorine-deflation" patented design, so that "Calcium chloride" moderate decomposition, a well-calibrated to release weight, effective
Degree of control the pH.

• Harmless residual substances
"Calcium chloride" in contact with water will produce chloride, harmless to humans and animals.

• Unscented
General household bleach (Sodium hypochlorite) of the chlorine content, not sufficient to eliminate with amines and nitrogen synthesis (chloramines) generated by a strong smell. "Calcium chloride" provides up to 65% of the "chlorine" and effectively
Offset caused by the smell of ammonia.



Cleaning up the slope:
The company offers cleaning services to the slopes to give customers the most professional cleaning services, in order to clear away all accumulated in the slope of the weeds.


Drainage services:
Our company provides drainage services by professionally trained staff is responsible for. The company also uses a professional drain tool in order to meet customer requirements.

Marble Professional Nursing:
Marble floor after a long period of wear and tear of its surface will lose their luster and color. The company's professional technicians will provide a suitable renovation or maintenance of marble, so that the original shiny marble floors Reply luster and color of. The company's professional services, including renovation of stone face, stone surface maintenance, pollution prevention and water treatment, stain treatment, non-slip handle and crystal care

Waste Disposal:
The company adopts environmental management systems, providing customers one-stop solution to effectively transfer waste rubbish removal service. In addition, the company also provides transportation and environmental protection bucket filling.