Professional projects

Crystal Floor Project:

The company takes all kinds of car repair refurbished mill, such as schools, stadiums, residential and shopping centers and other minor works. This service is provided by the professional staff responsible for car grinding the floor, and then the floor to fill the gap, and then coated with crystal floor oil three or four times. While the crystal floor oil can choose glossy, semi-matte, full-face and so dumb.

Dolomite surface project:

This is a crystal plane at the same time dealing with spraying and polishing of a program. The Company's cleaning teams will be sprayed with chemicals on the stone surface of the mixture, and then using a standard polishing machine floor polishing pad coupled with wire.

Suction cylinder works:

We have advanced equipment, suction cylinder, cylinder quickly and effectively clean-up of sediment can reduce water accumulation to reduce the mosquito nuisance opportunities.