Pest control services

Pest control services(termite control, flea and mouse control) :

The cleaning team use compression sprayers, there will be residual pesticides sprinkle on the wall or flat surface, eliminating the insects crawling and night-time activities. Pest control efficacy valid for up to several months, depending on the use of pesticides and have been spraying the surface of the post-processing.

The company's professional indoor and outdoor use mosquito machine. Specialized function to attract mosquitoes in mosquito mosquito machine mosquito and thus air-dried and died within a few hours. Mosquito machine starts up, can produce carbon dioxide, moisture and heat; and human respiration, as effective in attracting mosquitoes. Powerful Mosquito chips, released mimic the smell of humans and mammals, and effective in attracting mosquitoes. At the same time the use of vacuum suction principle of catching a large number of captured mosquitoes. A unique five-color light control system to enhance trapping of Aedes albopictus and other mosquitoes in a unique pattern of optical Mosquito stickers, with a special strong adhesive material increases the effective capture mosquitoes.

Why buy mosquito machine?

• Eradication of mosquito spraying is not enough, if mosquito machine mosquito trapping a lot more effective eradication of mosquitoes.
• Compared with other brands of mosquito machine, BlueRhino mosquito machine mosquito hunting better to release more carbon dioxide.
• The mosquito machines are non-fire-type gas catalyst system, no electricity, so there is no restriction placed on the local.


Machine of mosquito trapping effect?

Mosquito machine to open within a few days after use, you will find to reduce mosquito nuisance. The use of a few weeks later, significantly reduce the mosquito should be reduce.


Mosquito machine is the noisy?
Mosquito machine worked very quiet, not loud noisy sound.


When to turn off the mosquito machine?

Mosquito machine for mosquito season. If the temperature is consistently below 10 degrees Celsius below, it should be turn off mosquito machine.


Mosquito machine can be used indoors?

Model DT 1000 can be use.


Where is manufacturer for mosquito machine for?

U.S. well-known outdoor brands “BlueRhino”.