Cleaning items

Cleaning air ducts and air outlet:
Fan Coil Unit details:
・ inspection before cleaning
・ In addition to the next panel, filter cleaning, wall-mounted machine remove the fans and filters clean
・ removing the whole machine to a designated site clean -
Wind larynx details:
・ Source of cleaning methods used different sizes of wool dust wipe clean air hose, and then high-performance of the dust collector will be washed grounds clean-up site will not affect the daily operation of the client company
・ washing plus spray disinfectant
・ Cleaning the nozzle of the wind
Free items:
The cleaning of the unit would be able to enjoy one year of free maintenance.
- Any failure, the company will send a technician to the scene examination, the number of limited and does not charge the fee.
- During the warranty period, if necessary, carry out maintenance works, the company will offer the maintenance of separate items




Cleaning tank:

This cleaning project will use high-pressure removal machine washing in order to achieve complete removal effects. In addition, the cleaning staff will use the vacuum pump to exclude water, sediment, debris and the use of vacuum pumps draw pool water, sediment, debris, etc. to achieve the most comprehensive cleaning standards.


increasing the pressure washing machine, washing floating ball valve, iron tube, electro-shock batons and other rust. Or use the steel brush to remove rust.

Using high-pressure cleaning machine wash.

The use of vacuum pumps dry residue of water.

Cleaned with high concentrations of chlorine (chlorine 50-100pm) to spill one's tongue.

After disinfection, the high-pressure cleaning machines for a final rinse, and use the vacuum pump dry residue of water treatment machines.

Opening Pond inlet valve and water in the pool started.

Pump motor power supply and to observe the operation of an automated system situation is normal.

Cleaning before and after cleaning, our company will take pictures for archiving in future property owners for reference. During cleaning the staff will check the pool or the top of the internal walls have cracks, corrupted, pollution flows and other issues. Any unusual situation, our staff will use the quick-drying waterproof cement repair done to prevent contamination. (For a waterproof cement would be another discussion) pool equipment, water towers or water and found that defects, our company will amend the proposal as sent to the reference of the owners.

cleaning before after cleaning


Machine wash Carpet:
We offer carpet cleaning and maintenance services through a cleaning carpets to eliminate hidden in the carpet within the bacteria, fungi and other pests.


The syrup into the carpet cleaning machines

Medicine through the machine out of the bubble

Medicine decomposition of carpet stains and the bubble will be dust and dirt into the carpet surface at the same time

Water suction machine suck the dirt