All-round cleaning services

cleaning outer windows and walls of building :


Our company provide professional cleaning sevices of outer windows and walls of building.


cleaning services after decoration :


Our cleaning staff will help our clients to clean ceilings, walls, floors, etc.They will also clean bathroom, kitchen and all of the rooms.


hourseclean services :


We aim to provide clients a neat and tidy environment. Perfect satisfaction is guaranteed to our customers.


cleaning services of shops and offices :


According to the needs of clients, our company provide them all-round office cleaning. Cleaning service including polishing floor with wax, carpets cleaning and ceilings cleaning, etc.


School cleaning :


School cleaning including cleaning and polishing floor of hall, playgroup, corridors, stairs, washrooms, classrooms, library, etc. Besides, our staff clean fans, glasses, etc. in school.


Market cleaning:


We have abundant experience in cleaning market. Our staff strive for providing best cleaning services for our clients.



pool cleaning :


Our company are responsible to clean nearby areas of swimming pool, open channel and dressing rooms.


Polishing floor with wax :


When floors are used after a long time, wax layer lost its brilliance and hide blot easily. Our company provide professional cleaning floor services in order to restore the brilliance of floors.